Prenatal Care for Planned Hospital Birth and Childbirth Preparation

We believe every woman deserves access to a Midwife. If you are planning a hospital birth but would like the opportunity to experience the benefits of midwifery care, Capital Midwifery is here for you. We can offer you emotional, nutritional and herbal support, childbirth preparation and provide you with the midwifery perspective on any health concerns related to your pregnancy. We cover not only practical, medical information about birth, but also a deeper understanding of a woman's innate capability to birth her baby.

In addition, we are skilled at navigating the medical system and can teach you how to communicate with your doctor and the hospital staff in a non-confrontational way, giving you the confidence to have an empowering birth experience within the hospital setting. Whether you desire an unmedicated hospital birth or scheduled Cesarean, the wisdom of midwifery care can support your journey into motherhood. We can meet just one time or on a regular basis.

Other topics covered:


One time visit with the Midwife: $250

Follow up visits: $100 per visit