Pregnancy Care & Homebirth

We are SO excited to walk this journey with you.

All prenatal appointments take place in your home and last up to 1 hour. This extended time together allows a relationship to develop between you and your midwives. We discuss all options related to your care and the birth process so that you can make informed decisions. Capital Midwifery honors the needs and preferences of YOUR family.

We are Licensed by the Medical Board of California and specifically trained to attend births outside of a hospital setting. As part of routine prenatal care, we can order lab work, ultrasounds and make referrals if the need arises.

Our focus is on healthy, normal pregnancy. We offer guidance on nutrition, herbs, and body-mind healing to keep your body balanced and your spirit glowing throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. Bringing new life earth side is a BIG DEAL! We get it because we’re not only midwives, we’re moms too. Birth transformed us and now we are here for you.

By the time you go into labor, you will have a deep understanding of the physiologic process of labor and confidence in your own ability to birth your baby. During early labor, your midwife is just a phone call away and you'll receive continuous hands-on assistance and regular monitoring of your baby's well-being during active labor and delivery. Immediately after your baby is born and in the weeks that follow, the well-being of you and your baby will be closely monitored while allowing space for you to bond. Breastfeeding support is included.


Schedule of visits:

  • 1x month 8-28 weeks

  • 2x month 30-36 weeks

  • 1x week from 37 weeks until birth

  • Labor/Birth Day

  • Postpartum/Newborn exams on day 1,3,7 and 6 weeks.


Homebirth Care
$6,500 Homebirth Package
$500 Deposit to Start Care
Easy Payment Plans
Discounts my be available

  • Labs and ultrasounds are billed to your insurance.

  • We are considered Out of Network with your insurance plan. They will not pay for your care directly. After the birth, and with assistance from our medical biller, you can seek reimbursement from your insurance.

  • We do accept Liberty Health Share, HSA cards, United Medical Credit, and MedLoan Finance.

Waterbirth and Birth Kit



““You are truly doing the work of angels…”

““You are truly doing the work of angels here on earth and I so appreciate that you answered the calling. I feel blessed to have such caring, gentle hands help me into my second journey into motherhood.”

— Tashina

“You are an awesome midwife…”

“You are an awesome midwife. I felt totally safe in your care and I had am amazing birth experience because you were there supporting me.”

— Bonnie

“The world is blessed to have you.”

“You are such a caring, loving, wise, intuitive amazing person! The world is blessed to have you serve as a midwife”

— Kate


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